05.18.14Craig Premo review of Polarities for Improvised Blog

"...Epstein has always had flawless technique, but he tended to be a little too laid back over the course of an entire album for my taste, and his improvisations could wander a bit. I'm happy to report that he's fixed those minor flaws on Polarities. There's a nice variation in mood and tempo, and he brings the heat when needed...Together, the four musicians pull off a neat trick for a group with this lineup: They don't immediately make you think of the classic Ornette Coleman quartet..."

05.11.14Dan Bilawsky review of Polarities for All About Jazz

"...Some tracks give pause to admire the power of singular musicians at work, but others draw attention away from the individual, focusing on connection and separation of ideas. Listeners get to hear Alessi let loose ("Tiny Expanding Universe") and observe Epstein unleashed ("Email From Nigeria"), but this isn't music that's completely centered on soloists; it's music of a higher order that's filled with endless surprises, continually coming in and out of focus, expanding and contracting in fascinating ways..."

04.26.14Brent Black review of Polarities for criticaljazz.com

"...Imaginative yet wildly accessible...Ideas flow while taking the harmonic road less traveled but these ideas still maintain a rather tangible lyrical sense of purpose...To attempt to pigeon hole either Pete Epstein or this dynamic ensemble is somewhat pointless. Polarities are individual lyrical thoughts that move simultaneously in either direction. The end result is rather stunning, a release to remember..."